Adrienne Manassero
Photo by Una Williams


Patient Testimonial 1

“My GP suggested I attend Aria Healthcare in Applewood Medical Clinic to help my IBS. After a year of attending Adrienne’s clinic regularly for colonic hydrotherapy as well as following her guidelines for a more personally suited diet I realised that I had no grey hairs anymore!

More than 2 years later I still have no grey hairs although I am over 40 and have been through a lot of stress, particularly in the last 2 years. Through continuously beneficial colonic hydrotherapy by Adrienne and her updates/feedback, along with eating a personally suited diet, I still have no grey hairs.

Colonic hydrotherapy may not be free but neither is dying the hair and it is not just the colour of your hair but also the condition. My boyfriend even noticed how my hair is always glowing, smooth and bouncy for the last year unlike its previous brittle and sometimes sometimes frizzy appearance. It has also noticeably improved my skin and digestion.”

Patient Testimonial 2

“I first heard of colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation when it was reported that Princess Diana had this treatment. I never thought I’d try it myself, but in recent years I was having trouble with lymph nodes getting blocked and general discomfort and bloating in the digestive and colon area.

It was recommended that I get a number of treatments over a six week period – it did help a lot and I was glad to have had the treatments. The only drawback for me was that the treatment was somewhat uncomfortable. Then I read about the Aria Clinic in Swords Medical Centre – I went for a consultation with Adrienne and discovered that she used a very modern machine which was much easier than the previous method I tried, and so much more comfortable.

I would highly recommend the clinic and I found Adrienne very gentle and helpful.”

Patient Testimonial 3

“Thank you so much for the professional and personal interest you have shown in me– I gained so much more than expected from my visits. I’ll keep you posted on how my various ‘irons in the fire’ work out. Keep combining your wonderful talents and insights and life will repay your efforts.”

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